May 2nd

Yesterday on March 1st I remeber i had a dream but i cannot remeber now what it's about. When i woke up i had a pen and peice of paper beside and I wrote it down. But now i missplaced it and I dont want to wirte anything down because it could be false information. So far i havent been able to control my dreams and I dont know how to remeber my dreams aswell as remebering to control them. Tonight I want to get as much sleep as possible like try and fall asleep at 10:30. So I cant at least remeber my dreams and record what i dreamed tomorrow. I really want this project to be more succesfull but Im running out of time. And i want this to be more higher level thinking.

April 30th

Once again i couldnt remember my dreams becuase i was up all night studying for a test. I think hat i really need to start going to bed earlier because im really want to get this experiment to work. And it not going to work if i keep on going to b late. My goal now is to at least and try to get 8 hours of sleep and at at ;east try to attempt to control my dreams. Because I havent even got to the part yet where i try. Hopefully my goal will hapen by the end of his project.

April 28th

I remember that last night i couldnt remember any of my dreams once again. I can only remeber my dreams if i geta lot of sleep and last night i didnt get any sleep. i only went to sleep for 3 hours. So thats why i couldnt remeber any of them. Tonight i am going to rty and get 8 hours of sleep.

April 27th

I was kind of surpirsed because i went to be and hour and half earlier then i normally do which was at 11 and i found that I could dremember my dreams better. Last night I could remeber my dreams and i could probably explain it pretty good in detail. I kept on trying to remind my self about controlling my dreams but i still wasnt able to. That is by far the hardest part about this. I woke up in the middle of the night and I told myself to remeber my dreams but i still wasnt able to. I have been able to control my dreams before. The thing is i can only control them if i have a nightmare. I control my dreams by telling my self this is all a dream and wake up. And in one minute or less i wake up frome my nightmare.

April 26th

Once again i couldnt rememeber my dreams. I think its weird because ever since a few days ago i havent been able to remember dreams. Like since i have started this project. And Im getting kind of worried because i cant remember them. The easy part is remebering your dreams but i think the heardest part is to actaully be able to control you dreams. Once you start dreaming you have to remeber to control them. My goal is by the end of the project I want to be able to at least and control my dream. In my dreams i would want to be able to fly or do something really interesting such as making things im my dream appear. I really want to be able to complete my goal. If i do, i know this project would be a success. I was doing resarch to find out how to remeber your dreams and i find some key points on how to do that. You must get plent of sleep, if you wake up in the middle of the night/morning have a peice of paper and pen to recall your dreams, think of something before you go to bed so you will probably remember it in your dreams. I think i dont remember my dreams as much anymore is because i dont get enought sleep. I usually go to bed around 12:30 and wake up around 7. So tonight im going to make sure I get plenty of sleep and to have a peoce of paper by myside. Aswell i am going to remind myself to control my dreams and think of something such as icecreams and see if will be able to dream it.

April 25th

Last night i tried to rememeber my dreams again but it didnt go as sucessfull as I thought it would be. Ususally I remember my dreams but last night i didn't. I tried to remind myself of controling my dreams but i couldnt remember it. I am going to try to research how can you remember your dreams.

April 24th

Last night i did remember my dreams. Its just the hard part is to remember to control them Tonight i will try to control my dreams by reminding myself that i have to try and control them. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.