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Recombining DNA
BBC news article recombination

Animal Models and Possibilities for Human Application:

MGF - Muscle growth drug
IGF-1 - Muscle growth drug

-In general people have been able to enhance animals like mice and cattle. This has yeilded promising results and leads to possible experiments for the future. Also some experiments have been executed on plants, which is safer than experimenting on animals and simpler. This site also had a view on embryonic enhancment. This is much more difficult, and places the gene, chemical, or DNA very randomly. And is more risky than enhancing an already living being.

-Schwarzenegger mice (mice with enhanced muscle growth)

-Current reasearch for genetic enhancment is more directed to medical use (e.g. muscle growth), rather than making a human with gills and fins. Much of this research could be used for illegal athletic use as well.


IVF - Human fertilization tecnique.

-Over 2 billion people suffer from diseases world wide that could be cured by stem cells if the research was done.

-stem cells are most easyly taken from embryos rather than adult tissue, also the stem cells taken from adults are not as manipulable as those taken from embryos.

-embryo stem cells can produce 220 of the cells in the human body, the ones taken from adults can produce only 70.

-In 2003 there were about 400,000 embryos in suspended animation, but many Pro life organisations feel that it is not humane to take the stem cells from few day old embryos, because it kills them.

-The laws about stem cell research and extration have been loosened come late may 2005 in the United States of America.

News Story:

-There currently is a shortage of "Human" eggs to experiment on, and the process to extract the eggs is rather risky.

-Some sciencetists are proposing to use animal eggs to fertilize instead of human, some people think this is imoral.

-after five days or so the embryos are destroyed and the stem cells extracted, again there are people who beilive this is imoral/unethical.

-This is bieng brought back to the table in Briton by at least three scientific groups.