Have you ever wondered who or what an artificial reef is? Are they in any way helping our world? Also where could you find out more on artificial reefs? Well this page will tell you almost everything you ever wanted to know about artificial reefs and how they are made.

Artificial Reefs

Artificial reefs are man made underwater structures made for growing marine life. Artificial reefs help to improve the hydro dynamics of the water so surfing is more enjoyable and it helps lessen the erosion of the beach. The sunken ships give a terrific spot to dive. It offers the mysteries of a true boat accident. Also they can be built in a number of different ways. many reefs are built by deploying unwanted or unable to be used materials. One way is to deploy rubble, tires, construction debris or old broken down navy ships and even sunken airplanes deployed off of a barge boat (not straight out of the air). Regardless of construction method. Artificial reefs are generally designed to provide hard surfaces for algae, invertebrates like barnacles, corals, and oysters. This in turn provides food for assemblages of fish. The material made for artificial reefs disintegrate over time but only slowly so it’s not going to be a problem for centuries to come. Also a lot of people will commonly associate reefs with a reef like you would see in finding Nemo (a.k.a. a tropical reef) but there are even Reefs just off of Thetis Island in B.C. Victoria. Sadly over the long weekend through all my research over the internet Reed has not been able to find any time lapses on artificial reefs but after my baby cousin bothered my to death about visiting the Vancouver aquarium I than realized I should go not only will he stop bugging me but I can get some research done and I found out that artificial reefs don't just do all that stuff listed above they also need artificial reefs for the aquarium otherwise the fish tanks would be a giant glass box for fishes to live in.


Reed Jellyfish's Thoughts are:
I Firmly think that we should make artificial reefs. But only if we raise the money not the government otherwise I think we should add on to the Canadian rescue boats to help rescue the injured or in trouble in the water. Than when the government can't use it anymore we should sink it there for creating artificial reefs and a century later we will just have to make a little more than the last century.

CruzDeep's Thoughts:
I think that it is extraordinary that people create artificial reefs for fish. Things that I know about artificial reefs are that people sink ships and in the ships the hatches and doors are open for the fish to live in or an other way to create an artificial reef is to take materials such as brick or logs so living creatures attach to the item that is on the sea floor. Artificial reefs can also help with discovering new sea life and for divers to look at will.

Jonahgeo's Thoughts are:

I think that this is a great thing to do. It helps the economy in ways of there will be more fish. In that case fishermen will get more money and they will be able to catch more fish with better equipment. That makes more fish for people to eat. So making artificial reefs is a good thing. They also help to train divers. We all want a better life for everyone living thing on the planet and by doing this we could discover new types of animals.

Self Evaluation

CRUZ: Reed hasn't done as much as I thought he can but he has tried. Jonah hasn’t done much ether but he has done a lot. And I have been doing my best to do anything I can.

Reed Jellyfish: Cruz hasn't put on any facts but he has made our site look better and has been putting in his thoughts, questions, and two pictures with links. Jonah has put in facts but has impeded my progress multiple times and I don't expect him to do anything for a week or so while he is in Mexico.

Our questions


What could modify the amount of time it takes to make an artificial reef?
What shapes attracts marine life to be able to speed up the processed?
Where could we find a specialist on this subject?
What is usually the first marine animal to show up?
Why do marine lives like the artificial reefs?
Although we all probably need them equally what places needs artificial reefs the most?
Who thought up of the concept of artificial reefs?


Who first started artificial reefs?
Why do they create artificial reefs, other than entertainment and experiments and helping the environment?
When did they start to create artificial reefs?
Where was the first artificial reef located?
How many ways is there to create an artificial reef?

These are all questions that I and or anyone else in the group hope to get answered (with the links to the sites if possible)

Guest Questions

Curious consumer: What are you guys doing for your experiment on artificial reefs? You guys should see if reefs grow better in hot water or cold water and see if the weather makes a difference.

Guest Comments

What have we learned

We have learned how artificial reefs are made. Why did the creators create artificial reefs in the first place? How they did it. Also how they help the environment.


Reed Jellyfish:

1. Tell me about your page: What do you like? What are you proud of? What are the highlights?

My page is about artificial reefs and all the things that it can do for the community. I really like that we have he ability even though this site may not become famous, but we still have the ability to show this to the community and educate the public even though we still are in school and are requiring more education. I am proud of how much time I spent on this and how much at the same time I was able to enjoy this. What the highlights were for this was the amount of communication we could have for checking this daily or seeing each other in person.

2. Tell me about your Science Alive! experience: What did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

My Science Alive experience was incredible even though there were a lot of distractions. I enjoyed pretty much everything about it. Also I learned incredible amounts of artificial reefs.

3. What challenges did you face? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

The only challenges that I didn't like facing was trying to find all of these things that I want to know on artificial reefs because we as humans are extremely curious. The troubles I had to face were difficult. What I would change next time is a little more work and a little less play.

4. What advice would you give me, so that I could improve the project next time?

I honestly can't say that I could give you any advice except I wish the computers were faster but these still work and you don't have a lot of power over the computers that our school has. That would improve what we could do next time because we would be able to get places faster online.

5. How would you compare this science project to others that you have done?

I treat all of my school projects as equal as possible but in difficulty for working at home I think would improve but you know in the end that other people have to get on the computer at home to.

6. Final comments?

No I don't have any comments because I think the questions I just answered said it all.


For pictures on artificial reefs go here
external image Chaudiere_CValkenier2.jpg
Orange Plumous Anemones attached to a grating.
Do Not Touch Photos!!!!!!
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By: Cruz, Jonah, and Reed