I am Amanda, and I am interested in Tigers!

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Did you know that there are at least five types of tigers in the world?

One of the largest tiger is the Siberian Tiger its the biggest tiger and live in northern China.eastern Russia, North Korea, and northern China. They live in scrub oak, coniferous, and birch woodlands.
Did you know that there are only about 800 Siberian tigers left in the world?
The Siberian tigers' fur is the lightest out of all tigers,its light because there is no dry grass for them to hide on so thier orange fur sort os becomes useless.
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Sumatran Tigers they are called Sumatran because they live on an island called Sumatra,and you can only find these tigers here no where els.The Sumatran tigers live in a range of habitats such as mountainious places and any other forest areas.
Unlike the Siberian tiger the Sumatran tigers fur is a dark orange,and the Sumatran tiger is one of the smallest out of the five types,and there are only about 400 wild sumatran tigers left in the world today. 200 of these tigers are in zoo's and national parks. zoo's
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South China Tigers this tiger lives in eastern China and are the most extinct subspecies of tigers there are only 25 of these tigers left in the world today.Some people think that this tiger is extinct because they have not been spotted for a long time.There are about 48 left in zoo's.South China tigers have short, broad stripes that are widely spaced.
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Bengal Tigers this tiger most of them live in India Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bhutan. Bengal tigers live in many kinds of land including cold forests, swamby reedlands, wet forests, and other places. (A Bengal tiger)
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Indochinese Tigers this tiger there are about 1,227?,785 left and 60 in zoo's.Some Indochinese tigers live in Thailand and others live in hilly and mountainious habitats thid tiger is smaller than Bengals, and they have narrow, short stripes.
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