Hanna, Justin, Gabbi and Quade.

Throughout our project, the four of us have a goal of finding out any vital information about stress.
So far, we've found out many things about the symptoms and some tips regarding the matter. We're
all looking forward to finding out imformation that we were unaware of before. We hope that you will learn
something while reading through this presentaion and becme interested in this project and decide to research it further.



43 percent of all adults suffer from adverse health effect from stress.

There is Positive Stress and Negative Stress.
-negative stress is called Distress

People also seek help by using Drugs, Alcohol and tabacco which is unfortuanate.

Relieving Stress
-Have a positive attitude
-Seek out social support
-Eat healthy, well balanced meals.


Symptom Chart

Emotional Symptoms
Behavioral Symptoms
Physical Symptoms
Physcological Symptoms
-Stomach Pain
-Excessive Spending
-Poor self-esteem
-ecessive worry
-Self Destruction
-thoughts of death


-you should always create relationships that you can always depend on + trust
-seek advice from people you trust
-join activities you enjoy


-join a gym
-excersize relaxes the muscles and relieves tension from the body


-attempt to remain healthy and limit unhealthy foods
-limit sugars and junk foods

Tips: Avoid caffeine ( boosts your energy- and you feel awake and ready )
that way you can sleep better
-don't nap because you won't be able to go back to sleep at the appropriate time
-be smart when chosing when to go to bed and what you do before you go to bed.


Stressful Life events.

  • Death of a spouse
  • Divorce
  • Marital separation
  • Spending time in jail
  • Death of a close family member
  • Personal illness or injury
  • Marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Retirement

10 of the most stressful jobs.

-senior corporate executive.
-Race car driver(Indy Class)
-Taxi Driver
-Police officer
-Football Player (NFL)
-Air Traffic Controller

10 of the least stressful Jobs.

-Paralegal assistant
-Piano Tuner
-File Clerk

and you think you're stressed.

Fraction Frenzy Madness

For our Experiment, we will be asking four volenteers different questions. We will take them one at a time and ask them 25
questions face to face. Then the other 25 questions while playing and math game called Fraction Frenzy. During both questioning
sesions, the volenteers will be timed to see whether or not their timing increases with their invovlment in the game or face to face.

Fraction Frenzy: http://www.learningplanet.com/sam/ff/index.asp
When the simple questions are being answered while playing Fraction Frenzy, they will take more time and concentration to answer the questions.
1.Sit the person down across the table from you.
2.Set your timer at zero and be prepared to start it.
3.Get your questions ready and make sure the person is prepared to answer the questions
4.Begin asking the first 25 questions, then start your timer.
5.When you are done asking the questions, stop the time and record your time.
6.When you are done your face to face questioning, with the same volenteer, begin your fraction frenzy test.
7.the questions you will ask the volenteer are the other 25.v
8.when they are playing the game, make sure you are asking the questions as well as timing it.
9.after you are finished with your first volenteer, repeat your cycle with a different volenteer but instead of starting face to face, start with fraction frenzy.
10. make sure you have your times recorded and the survey filled.

Our Results

Face to face

For the first few questions, how calm were you?
Mitch - 8
Connor - 9
Chang - 9
Alex - 2
During the middle of the questioning, how settled were you?
Mitch - 7
Connor - 7
Chang - 8
Alex - 5
At the end of the experiment, how stressed were you?
Mitch - 3
Connor - 3
Chang - 7
Alex - 7
Fraction Frenzy
For the first few questions, how calm were you?

Mitch - 6
Connor - 7
Chang - 5
Alex - 3
During the middle of the questioning, how settled were you?
Mitch - 5
Connor - 6
Chang - 4
Alex - 3
At the end of the experiment, how stressed were you?
Mitch - 9
Connor - 4
Chang - 7
Alex - 8

Our Observations
Face to face -
  • they were very relaxed and calm
  • they ewre more concentated on the answer
  • took more time for their decision on the answer
Fraction Frenzy
  • more agrivated with their answers
  • alot of " i-don't-knows" and "uhhhh"
  • very concentrated on the game
  • basic answers rather than thinking about them

What worked?
They were easy questions, and they were just the right amount of questions to ask.
We timed it, and they all ended at the appropriate time.

What did work?
They didn't show as many emotions as we thought they would, And some didn't reach the same level than others did for fraction frenzy. They also misunderstood the surveys at the end which made things more difficult.

What we could do next time.
We could pick a more successful game than fraction frenzy, something that would work better.. for example : pac man.
We could make the survey clearer so that the participants understand them.

-40% of workers reported that their job was very or extremely stressful.
-25% view their jobs as the number one sressor in their lives.
-Three fourths of emplyees believe that workers have more on-the-job stress
than a generation ago.
-29% of workers felt quite a bit or extremely stressed at work.
-26% of workers said they were "often or very burned out or stressed by their work".
-Job stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than financial or
-80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help learning how to manage stress and
42% say their coworkers need such help.
-14% of respondents had felt like striking a coworker in the past year, but didn't.
-25% have felt like screaming or shouting because of job stress, 10% are concerned about an individual
at work they fear could become violent.
-9% are aware of an assualt or violent act in their workplace and 18% had experianced
some sort of threat or verbal intimidation in the past year.
-65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties and more than 10% described these as having
major effects.
-10% said they work in an atmosphere where physical violence has occured because of job stress and in this group
,42% report that yelling and other verbal abuse is common.
-29% had yelled at co-workers because of workplace stress, 14% said they work where
machinery or equipment has been damaged because of workplacerage and 2% admitted that they
they had actually struck somebody.
-12% had called in sick because of job stress.
-0ver half said they often spend 12 hour days on work related duties and an equal number skip lunch
because of the stress of job demands.
Did you know hair loss can be caused by stress.


Do Stress Balls work?

lg-smiley-stress-ball.jpgStress balls believe it or not are considered to be one if the most successful ways to relieve stress because you can take it them any where and any time.


Throughout our time learning about Stress, we've accomplished our goal of learning as much as we would've liked.
We definitely learned about a day in the life of a highly stressed American office worker and that there are many downfalls in their everyday
lives. We enjoed working on this project and we hope you enjoyed learning about what we found.