Space or its also called the universe.

The universe has more than 70,000,000,000,000,000,0 stars that are visible,
There are many more in other galaxies.

Planet Descriptions:


-It is the largest object in the solar system.
-the sun at present time is 70% Hydrogen and 28% helium,everything else is metals.
-the tempature on the surface is 5800.The core is 15,600,000k.
-Sun spots are cool regions at 3800k.


-Is the closest planet to the sun and 8th largest.
-is similar to the moon(heavily cratered.
-Has a very thin atmosphere consisiting of atoms.
-The tempature on mercury varies from 40k-70k.
-Only rotates 3 times in 2 of its years.


-Second planet from the sun and 6th largest.
-Its greek name aphrodite means goddess of love and beauty.
-Brightest object in the sky except for the sun and the moon.
-First spacecraft to visit venus was mariner 2 in 1962.
-Is very hot,800-900 degrees ferinheit.
-Most of venus's surface is gently rolling plains,Because the winds are very slow.


-Third planet from the sun and the 5th largest.
-earth is the only planet who's english name does not come from greek mathology.
-it's divided into several layers which have distinct chemical and seismic properties.
-0-40 crust
-40-400 upper mantle
-400-650 transition region
-650-2700 lower mantle
-2700-2890 d-layer
-2890-5150 outer core
-5150-6378 inner core
-Only one that we know with life on it.
-earth is the densiest major body in the solar system.
-Has only one natural satelitte like the moon.


-second biggest object in the sky after the sun.
-the moon was first visited by man in 1959.
-the moon orbits earth.
-It takes 1 month for it to orbit the earth.
-The moon is the only natural satellite of earth.
-The moon is more than 3 billion years old.


-4th planet from the sun and the seventh largest.
-Mars is also called the real planet.
-Mars has been known since prehsitoric times.
-The first spacecraft to visit mars was in 1965 and it was called mariner 4.
-Average tempature on mars is -55C and 67F.
-The olympus mons is the largest mountain in the solar system and is located on mars.


-Fifth planet from the sun and largest.
-Jupiter is more than twice all the other planets combined.
-Fourth brightest object in the sky.
-Has 4 large moons.
-First visited in 1973 by pioneer 10.
-Is a gas planet.


-Sixth planet from the sun and second largest.
-Was first observed with a telescope in 1610.
-Was first visited by nasa in 1979 by pioneer 2.
-Least dense of the planets.
-Saturns interior is hot:12000k at the core.


-Seventh planet from the sun and third largest.
-First planet discovered in modern times by william herschel mar.13.1718.
-Has been visited by only one spacecraft,voyager 2 on jan.24.1986.
-Uranus atmosphere is about 83% hydrogen,15% helium and 2% methane gas.
-The blue colour is the result of absorption of light by the methane.
-Voyager 2 discovered 10 small moons in addition to the 5 large ones.


-8th planet from the sun and 4th largest.
-Was first observed by 2 men in 1846 sept.23.
-Has been visited by only one spacecraft Voyager 2 on august.25th.1989.
-Has rings but they don't know what there made of.
-Neptune has an interneal heat source.