On our page you will be able to read about dreams and see what experiments
we have done and you can see all of the resalts .
Lindsay, Jessica and Paige will be studying Dreams and
nightmares and what causes them and if
they have any affect on your life.
Some of the common cause of nightmares are:
Stress and Anxiety
Sickness with a fever
The death of a loved one
Sleeping pills
Effect of alcohol or excessive use of alcohol
Breathing disorders while asleep
And Sleeping disorders

Everyones dreams happed during REM sleep, typically a
person has 3-5 periods of REM sleep every night.

1 period of REM sleep can last from 5 minutes to 1 hour

20% of when a person is sleeping is REM sleep
e.g. if you slept 7-8 hours you will have an hour and a half of REM sleep.

Did you know if you wake up during the night you will be more
likely to remember your dreams.



We took the time to take a survey of the class. We asked them if they remember
their dreams and if how often they have nightmares.
We surveyed 25 people.
24% of our class always remembers their dreams. 60% mostly remember their dreams.
and 16% almost never their dreams
16% of our class always has nightmares.
56% sometimes have nightmares.
28% rarely have nightmares.


The purpose of this experiment is to find out if you do a certain thing or watch
a movie during the day or right before you go to bed if that will effect your
dream or nightmare

Our hypothesis is that after someone watches something that will really scare them,
they will have a nightmare that has something to do with the movie that had watched.

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Step 1- Watch different genres of movies before we go to bed and see if it effects
our dreams.

Step 2- Go to sleep.

Step 3- Right when you get up right down what your dream was about so you don't
forget it.

Step 4- when we come back to school we will be able to see if watching a certain
movie effects your dreams.


After a couple nights of watching different movies we have come to a conclution
that if watch a scary movie you will not always have a nightmare. But we have learned
that if you like a character or there is a vivid picture of the movie in your mind you
are more likely to have a dream or nightmare with thoes
characters in your dreams.

Our group has found better ways for us to
do our project on. We thought that doing
this project on lucid dreams would be way
more interesting than to do our project on
if we watched different types of movies
it will effect our dreams. We might still do
that but were more focused on lucid dreams.

We have all writen a journal about are dreams here are the
links to them.

Jessica's Journal http://sciencealive.wikispaces.com/Jessica%27s+Sleep+Journal
Lindsay's Journal http://sciencealive.wikispaces.com/Lindsay+Sleep+Journal
Paige's Journal http://sciencealive.wikispaces.com/Paige%27s+Sleep+Journal

During this unit we have learned much more about dreams. Some of the things we have learned are we have
learned about lucid dreaming and how you can controll yourself during your dreams if you consentrate hard enuogh.
But in order to do that you must get lots of sleep so you can remember your dreams and we have also learned it's
very hard to control them, it takes time to do so. We have also learned that is is not always a scary movie that
gives people nightmares it could be something drastic that had just happened in their lifes. Some of the questions
that we wern't able to answer are: Are your dreams part of your past, presant or future? Are dreams and nightmare
at all related to anything that you are wishing for? When did people start to experience dreams and are they a good
After you have read all about dreams if you would like you can analyze your dreams with this dream dictionary all you
have to do is press the link below