Hey science alivers!

Dayn, Alex, Katarina, Marijana, and Joanna

Here to tell you about psychic powers! During this project, we are trying to classify on who is psychic and what abilities they have and what similarities.

Here is the list of some famous psychics that we researched:

Uri Gellar: Uri in Hebrew means "My Light" He was named after his cousin that passed away in a car accident. Claimed to be psychic at the age of 4 when he was hit by a light in the sky knocking him to the ground, this mysterious light also bent and broke his spoon. He suffered rom anorexia nervousa for many years. He has a TV show called "The Successor". Uri Gellar was capable of many things such as skills telepathy, dowsing, bending spoons, fixing broken watches, moving compasses by thought, erasing disks and tapes and causing seeds to grow by cm in only a few seconds.

William Somerset Maugham: William was born in Paris, France January 25th, 1874. The mother died of tubercolusis un 1882 and the father died 2 years after, after the death of the parents the uncle took William to England and had schoolmates that teased him for the fact that he had a 'wierd' way of talking. After his school years he then travelled the world and wrote a autobiographical Of Human Bondage in 1915. 1913 he proposed to a lady named Sue Jones but she had rejected his offer, after this he was deeply depressed. Later on he married Syrie but divorced in 1927.He traveled to India and met Sri Ramana Maharishi and fainted, he thought he had experienced enlightment. maugham died when he was 91. he died in 1965. He died in 1965 and people still have remembered is acomplihments. He had reflected basiclly his own life in his written short stories. He has also been a top dramatist and a novelist.

Edward Cayce: Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and the date of March 18th, 1877. At the age of 21, his psychic ability was a lot stronger and could do amazing things. As a salesman he had to quit that job because he wasn't able to keep up from his medical injuries. A hypnotist made Edward temporarily forget about his injuries. During the state of Edward being hypnotized, he had to describe how can he can be cured. That's when he realized that with his psychic ability he is able to cure people by being in a trance. He did not know the people but somehow he was able to find out what was wrong and cure it. In August 1944 he was then exhausted and had signs telling him to stop using his psychic ability to regain the strength of his. January 1st 1945 he told his friends he would be healed on the 5th but instead he died while sleeping.

Sylvia Browne: She was born in Kansas city she discovered her power at 3 years old. She announced that her grandpa was dead, and she would have a baby sister in 3 years. And those 'predictions' were true. She is a world known psychic and has been on Montel Williams show and Larry Kind Live. Her grandmother was a medium herself as well she was named Ada Coil. She is now living in California and plans to write all the time she can. She has a son named Chris Dufresne and respects his mothers psychic ability. This is because he has psychic powers of his own. Sylvia has helped many people around the world by telling their future. She reached her goal in 1974 by incorperating the Nirvana Foundation for psychic research. Helping more people making them live more happy, understand more things about life, and to find God in their own way.

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Dayn- I believe that people who are more open with themselves and their personality will be more phsychic than others who are more or less the type of person that is quiet and uptight about who they are.

Katarina- I believe that people who excel in math science, socials ect.. are less psychic than those who are not. I believe this because people who excel are much more proccupied in there work then others. Those who do not excel have a much more free mind.

Alex- People that have time to themselves and that have alone time are phsychic. These people have the quiet time to reflect themselves, self reflection could be a time where poeple realize their abilities.

Marijana- I have a feeling that maybe people who are more paceful and do things that don't include too much noise, are more psychic than the people who are much more hyper and don't mind being in a loud place.

Joanna- Being psychic is something that is in everyone, it is based on concentrating by meditating, yoga etc. Believing and being optimistic can make one persons psychic ability stronger. People who spend time alone elaberating their thoughts to clear their mind to be more blananced with mind and body, and to me balance is the most important part of having a stronger psychic ability.

Procedure: First, we will have subjects fill out a questionaire. Second, without looking, randomly choose one of the 4 cards, and hold it behind the subjects back, ask them to say which shape it is. If they choose right, record it under the "correct column" , if they're wrong, record it under the "incorrect column". Afterwards, we will have the top 5 students re-do the test, and write the averages. If they're scorea has dropped they will be eliminated. The rest of them will have their surveys analyzed on what they have in common and if necassary we will give them a second survey that will be longer to make our results more accurate.

- In the first test, mostly everyone scored double digits.
- When we collected the 6 highest scoring people in our class (3 girls and 3 boys) they all got less than the original test. (Results from the Second Test) Chang- 11. Melanie- 11. Hanna- 11. Danial- 9. Brady- 5. Julian (soon to be tested)
These 6 people's surveys some smiliarities we found: -All 6 students liked and did best in math and socials. They all play sports from more than 3 hours a week. All of them daydream in class and none of them meditate.

Mr. Truss had a very good idea, he suggested we take the top scoring and have them test each other.

WE SAW SOME VERY INTERESTING RESULTS! From what our tests show, subjects seem to show more ability when being tested by the opposite gender.
Opposite Gender Results:
Chang Tested Danial = 10/40
Melanie Tested Brady = 17/40
Hanna Tested Julian = 13/20
Danial Tested Chang = 8/40
Brady Tested Melanie = 9/40
Julian Tested Hanna = 13/40

Same Gender Results:
Melanie Tested Hanna = 9/40
Hanna Tested Melanie = 8/40
Julian Tested Brady = 7/40
Brady Tested Julian = 2/40

It was quite a drastic drop from different gender testers to same gender, something VERY interesting did occur during some of the tests, it seems that Connor [who didn't make it into top 6], Brady, Julian, and Melanie, always guessed the right shape when it came to the heart, coincidence? Maybe.
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Katarina's and Joanna's small experiment:
We have decided that since we both have siblings both of the age of 5, that we could test them, Katarina has a 5 year old brother, and Joanna has a 5 year old sister.
Joanna: I have tested my sister in a quiet room she had recieved a score of 11/40. Although I was expecting a lower score, because of being both girls from the same and opposite gender test for psychic ability. Not long ago, I have tested my sister before, only I did it 20 times, her score then was 6/20, so it didn't quite surprise me that my sister got 11/40.
Katarina: Sorry it took me so long to post this but here it is. My little brother got a pretty high physic ability at 11/40 it is the same score that Joanna's little sister had received, although Joanna tested her sister and I tested my brother we still got the same score I wonder what would happen if my brother tested Joanna's sister?

-- THE TEACHER EXPERIMENT, [ alex + dayn ]
Ms. Bodreau requested to be tested, and since we were testing a female teacher we decided to test a male teacher, aka. Mr.Williams
The results were shocking, they corresponded to exactly what we originally hypothesized: They scored lower when they were tested by the same gender,
and scored much higher when being tested by the opposite gender.
PLEASE NOTE ms.Bodreau shattered the scales with a record breaking 18/40 ( Highest score we've ever recorder ) Danial was the tester

F E E D B A C K-
Mr.Williams- Noisy environment, Quiet environment would have worked better. He felt that he was over thinking it. There was pressure from the surrounding classroom, but overall it was fun
Ms.Bodreau- Used to working in this environment (noisy) she feels like she has 'ESP', she went with first instinct and it was enjoyable

The Verdict:
Our test proves that if you are tested by a different gender, you will score higher. This means that being tested by the same gender will decrease your score.
This was the outcome in every experiment that we did. Age doesn't seem to have an effect on your ability, for example: Ms.Bodreau scored the highest (18/40) and many of out classmates scored an average of 11. But Joanna tested her Little sister and she got 11 too. This could mean that a familiy connection may higher your score. So really when you look at it, it's all about love :)
Scores ranged from 5-18 (out of 40) 11 and up is already very impressive but would a higher score be a coinsidence??