By: Julian,Danial and Edward
We use our memories everyday so we thought we would do our topic on it. i hope you enjoy our project!

Daily agenda

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-start research
-start experiment on memory
-Make model brain with wax or clay

The brain

When trying to remember something the brain mostly uses two parts. The Hippocampus which sort’s information sent there then sends it back. And the Pre-frontal lobe which is used in short term memory before information is sent to the hippocampus.

Our Model Brain


What is memory?

There are two types of memory, such as Short term memory and Long term memory. Short term memory is when you need to keep some type of information in your head for only a few seconds. For example if you need to remember a few moves you can do in chess in order to get a check mate you use your short term memory. When you use your short term memory the part of the brain that works harder is the pre-frontal lobe. Humans have highly developed frontal-lobes.

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Short term memory is transferred to long term memory through a part of the brain called the hippocampus which is in the cortex. The hippocampus then sends the information back to where it came from. When we try to memorize something by repeating it we are sending the information through the hippocampus many times which makes the connections stronger until it doesn’t need to get stronger any more. The brain will then remember the information if it sees a connection to the information.
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Episodic, sematic and procedural memories

Episodic, Sematic and procedural are all part of long term memory.
Episodic memories are memories that are experienced based. Like past events and experiences that you have been threw.
Another type of memory is Semantic memory which is the memory of certain information. Like
a math formula or information that you are trying to learn from a book.
The final type of memory is Procedural which is skills that we actually have to do to learn.
For example sports and activities.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is when you forget some sort of memory in your brain. Memory loss can be caused by many things. Many diseases cause memory loss. Alzheimer's disease can cause mild to severe memory loss and is usually found in older people. Parkinson's disease is a genetic defect that can cause memory loss. Huntington's disease is an inherited disease that also causes memory loss. Other things like stress related activities and concussions can cause short term and long term memory loss. Amnesia also causes memory loss and is a condition where the memory is disturbed by damage to the brain, through trauma or disease, or use of certain drugs. One interesting affect of amnesia is that people who are affected with it can not imagine the future. This is because when a normal person imagines the future they call back upon past experiences to create a scenario and people who have amnesia can not do this.

Our Model Brain

Our model brain will be made of clay or wax.This brain will show parts that our memory uses .

Our experiment

We are testing how good or bad an average grade eight's memory is by
getting them to look at a picture for 30 seconds then asking them to repeat
all they can remember from the picture. We will then test them verbally by
saying something then getting them to repeat as much as they can ( doesn'thave to be in order) after one minute.
We want to see if an average grade 8 boy's memory is better than a grade girl's memory or vice versa.

Danial's Hypothesis:I think that the girls are going to better in both tests because they pay attention more than guys.

Julian's Hypothesis:I think the boys will do better in the picture test because i think that boys remember better if they can actually
see what they are trying to remember. I think girls will do better on the verbal test because i think they can
remember things better verbally.

Edward's Hypothesis:I think that it dosent depend on you being male or or female.I think it depends more on the person

10 boys. 13 girls.

Girl's Verbal Average: Right:8.6165384615 Wrong: 12
Girl's Visual Average: Right:9.461538462 Wrong: 6.538461538

Boy's Verbal Average: Right:10.4 Wrong:10.6
Boy's Visual Average: Right:10.1 Wrong:5.9

Julian's Conclusion: I was right about the visual test because the boy's were better on average but i was wrong about the verbal test because the boy's got better on average for that test too. This experiment proves that an average 13/14 year old boy has a better short term memory than a 13/14 year old girl.

Edward's Conclusion: I still think that it doesn’t matter on the gender. I think it matters more on how old you are. Because I think that your memory grows stronger as your brain develops over time. I think a way we could have improved our experiment by is testing different ages.

Danial's Conclusion: I was wrong the boys did better in both tests than the girls. I think if we tested more people we could of got more accurate results.


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We put a lot of information on our space but something that would have been cool would be to make a memory game and put it on instead of just finding one off the internet.Our Experiment is going well but a little slow since Edward isnt here. We should have started earlier on experiment so we arent as rushed. We learned a lot about memory as we explored the subject. We knew almost nothing about it before we started this project so it was a great learning experience for us. I like working on the computers for this project it was a lot easier than writing everything down.