Day ninety-one, May/03/2021

23:00-We have finished the recombination of the embryo. I hope the zygote isn’t deformed, that would have been the third time. This time I did the work my self; not trusting anyone else is a hard way to live your life. Oh well its now 23:01 and I have to manage to get some rest for tomorrow.

Day ninety-two, May/04/2021

07:00-Last night after I signed off I looked over the portfolio again, I still can’t believe that we have changed so many things, he is supposedly going to have enhanced muscle growth and intelligence, a rapid growth rate, highly corrosive saliva so he can eat most anything, thus also thinker more resilient skin.
18:00-So far the embryo is still as normal as possible, no deformities, everything is going as planned, after just 19 hours he is where a human embryo would be after 5 weeks, this is all very promising.

Day ninety-three, May/05/2021

13:00-Our first panic this morning, the anticipated growth rate was half of the actual rate at which he is growing, the team had to get him into the larger habitat and the experiment was compromised.
18:00-[No entry at this time]

Day ninety-four, May/05/2021

07:00-Dam, that grows hormone the experiment is now the equivalent of a 6 year old boy we are now administering the chemical that will kill that * c*e*n*s*o*r*e*d * hormone, he should be in his mid-teens when the chemical kicks in, then we will have to run the tests to see if we have succeeded, I’m just glad that the embryo’s donors were a marine and a waitress, the best of both worlds.

Day ninety-five, May/06/2021
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