Monday April 30

This weekend was the famine, and I coulnd't record any
of my dreams, but i do remember dreaming yesterday. This
project is due by the end of the week, and we still need
to do some more research, but we have done so many things
to make this project successful.

Friday April 27

Last night I had many dreams and remember a few
of them. Like my last entry said, I had a notepad
and a pen near my bed and I woke up a few times last
night and everytime I woke up I wrote down my dream.
Tonight is the famine, and I am not going to have a
chance to record my dreams, but I will see if I can
remember them and I will look them up and see what they

Thursday April 26

I remember having a dream last night and
when I woke up I was going to write it down
but i forgot to record my dream so now i
for sure cannot remember my dream(s). I found
out some information and some ways to help you
to remember your dreams, and tonight I am going
to try out a few of these.

1. Keep a pen and paper at your bedside, so when
you wake up you can record your dream right away.
2. Get enough sleep. Most of us really do need 7
to 8 or more hours to feel our best, and to
recall our dreams easily. If you need an alarm to
wake you or a cup of coffee to feel good in the
morning you are probably not getting enough sleep.
3. Before you go to sleep write out your day
notes in a journal. Just four lines about what you
did and felt that day. This will greatly increase
your recall in the morning.
4. Wake up naturally. This way you will usually
awaken right after your longest dream of the night.
If you are getting enough sleep you won't have to
be battered awake by an alarm clock.
5. Lie still for a moment and learn to ask yourself
"What was just going through my mind?" Form the habit
of thinking this thought before you ask yourself what
day it is, or what you have to do today.
6. Take your time and write out your dream in any
way you remember it. If you are rushed, jot down a few
notes. They may suffice to bring back the dream
when you have more time.
7. If you don't remember a dream, write out one sentance
about whatever you were feeling or whatever first came into
your mind as you awoke. In time this habit will convince your
memory that forgetting a dream will not get you out of the
natural resistance to putting pen to paper. Within one or two
weeks, almost everyone I have ever worked with starts recalling
dreams usuing these steps. If you do not, ask yourself if
you are for some reason anxious about remembering your dreams. Most
likely, you are not following one of the steps!

this is from

We will now just see what happens.

Heres another link:
its a dream dictionary so when you have
a dream at night and you want to know what it meant, then
you can look it up on this website.

Wednesday April 25

Last night, I remember having a dream but
I can't remember what i was dreaming about.
Tonight I'm going to do some research on
controling dreams. See what can be done to
control your dreams.

Tuesday April 24

Once again, I had a dream last night
but as usual I couldn't remember what
it was about. I fell asleep listening to
music thinking that i would maybe have
a weird dream according to the music that I
was listening to but sadly, I cannot remember
what i dreamt about. Tonight I'm going to try
out to watch a movie, and see if I'll
have a dream about it. I might also have a dream
about what has happened during the day today because
a lot has happened to me today.