Tom,Eric,Cam (the effects of Energy drinks)

Us teenagers are rapidly becoming the top consumers of energy drinks. Over 500 new brands were brought to the shelves this year. They are giving us a wide variety of styles , flavors and sizes to choose from. Although commonly marketed to be like sports drinks, which restore some important nutrients lost during exercise, energy drinks have little proven nutritional value. So parents and teens should stop before they pop that top and chug and read the ingredients because the effects can cost you more then $2.69.
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Cocaine Energy Drink has been pull off the shelf because of it's Name They say they are going to be bring it back under a different name.
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Tom,Eric,Cam(the effects of Energy drinks)
This is the energy drink that we going to be using for our tests.

Individual responses to caffeine vary, and these drinks should be treated carefully because of how powerful they are. Energy drinks' stimulating properties can boost the heart rate and blood pressure , dehydrate the body, and, like other stimulants, prevent sleep. By tom

Death by Caffeine

See how much you have to drink to die


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This chart shows you that energy drinks that have lots of caffeine and that at a young age you should try not to have energy drinks.
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Our procedure:

1. First we will have to go and buy enough energy drinks so that everyone we test will have their own energy drink to drink.

2. Then we will have the people do the sheep game without having an energy drink.

3. Then record the results from each persons test.

4. Then we will have them drink an energy drink and then do the four tests.

5. Then we will test these times: after drinking 15 mins after and 45 mins. after.

6. Then record the results.

7. After we have completed all the tests we will put all the results together and compare the results.

(Also during the test we will take pictures and maybe video of the people doing the experiments. So then we will put it into a slide show)

This is the link that will take you to the game we used to test people.sheep dash


We as a group think that the energy drinks will help you during the test by improving your reaction time.


Name of test subject
1st test
2nd test
3rd test
4th test
.8498 avg.
.84 avg.
.7634 avg.
.289 avg.
.2892 avg.
.2758 avg.
.2514 avg.
.2104 avg.
.8132 avg.
.2416 avg.
.278 avg.
.2898 avg.
.826 avg.
.8106 avg.
1.4 avg.

Test 1 was without any energy drink. Test 2 was just after drinking an energy drink. Test 3 was 15 minutes after drinking the energy drink. Test 4 was 45 minutes after drinking the energy drink.


We observed that during the tests that somepeople were to hyper that they pressed the button early. We also found out that for some people they improved each time but for others the energy drink boosted at the start but then decreased.


Are conclusion is that caffeine does increase your recation time. How ever the effects the caffine has on people may differ in many ways. The test shows that Caffeine makes you react very fast and some times to fast. In our four test three out of four inproved all the time were as the one out of four inproved then fell then fell even more. Our hypothesis was right we proved that three out of four inproved because of the caffeine.

What we learned

We learned that the energy drink does effect the body. It effects it by giving you lots of energy for a while but then wears off. We also learned that kids our age should almost never have an energy drink because of the caffeine in energy drinks.

Energy Drink Listings

180 Energy X-3
180 Red Energy Drink
ACT Energy
Ace Energy + Juice
Ace Lo-Cal Energy Drink
Airforce Nutrisoda Energize
Airforce Nutrisoda Immune
Amazon Mist Iced Guarana
Amp Energy Drink
Amp Energy Overdrive
Archer Farms Energy Drink Tropical Fruit
Arizonia Green Tea Energy Drink
Arizonia Green Tea Energy Drink Low Carb
Bawls Energy Drink
Bawls Sugar Free
Bazza High Energy Raspberry Tea
Bing Energy Drink
BlackHole Energy
Bliss Energy Drink
Blue OX Orange Rush
Blue OX Real Power (Black Cherry)
Blue Ox Oxtails Orange flavor
Bomba Energy
Boo Koo Energy
Boost active
Bossa Natural Energy Light
Budweiser B^E
Buzz Bites
Cascabel Energy Drink
Chaser 5 hour Energy Berry Flavor
Ciclon energy drink
Cocaine Energy Drink
Crazy Larry’s Deep Space Blue
Crazy Larry’s Orange Blast
Crunk Energy Drink
Damzl Energy Fuel
DareDevil Energy Drink
Defcon3 the healthy energy drink
Diablo Energy Drink
EX Extreme Energy Adrenalin Fuel
El Toro Loco Insane Energy
Elements Fire
Elements Rain
Elements Sub-Zero
Elements Sub-Zero
Emergen-C Cranberry Fizzing Drink Mix
Energy 69
Energy Boost Amazinger
Energy Fizz Citrus
Energy Fizz Offer
Enhance Energy Formula Lemon Lime
Enviga calorie burner drink Peach
Extreme Shock Fruit Punch
FRS Lemon Lime Antioxidant Energy Chews
FRS Plus Energy
FRS Wild Berry Antioxidant Energy Drink
FRS antioxidant energy drink lemon lime
FUZE Energize
Fair Warning Cool Sensation Drink
Foosh Energy Mints
Formula 7
Frappio Energy Beverage
Full Throttle
Full Throttle Fury
Ginseng Rush Sparkling Energy Soda
Gleukos Performance Beverage
Go Fast
Go Fast Light Energy Drink
Go Girl Energy Drink
Gorilla Juice energy drink
Guayaki Yerba Mate Empower Mint Energy Drink
Guayaki Yerba Mate Respberry Revolution
Guru Energy Drink
H20 Blast
Hair of the dog Energy Drink
Hansen's Energade Orange
Hansen's Energy Pro
Hansen's Energy Water Berry
Hansen's Protein Smothie Banana Blast
Hansens Energy Water Tangerine
Hansen’s Energy Endurance Formula
Hansen’s Power Formula
Hansen’s energy original
Hi Ball Energy Orange Soda
Hooah! Soldier Fuel Energy Drink
HyDrive Acai Berry Energy Drink
Hydrive Casaba Lime Energy Drink
Hydrive Dragonfruit Energy Drink
Hydrive Pomegranate Energy Drink
Hyper Active Orange
Hyper Active Starfruit
Iced'Spresso Mocha Mudslide
Independent Energy Drink
Inko's White Tea Energy
Iron Energy Lemon-Lime Energy Drink
Iron Energy Orange Energy Drink
Jelly Belly Sport Beans
Jet Up Action Fuel
Joker Mad Energy Drink
Jolt Blue Energy Drink
Jolt Red
Jones Soda Energy
KaBoom Orange Buzzz time-released Energy
Killer Buzz
Kombucha Wonder Drink
Korean Ginseng Drink
Kronik Entourage
Kronik Grind
Lift Off Lemon-Lime
Lift Off Orange
Lipovitan b3 Energy drink
Liquid Blow Power Pop
Liquid Ice Energy Drink
Liquid Ice Energy Sugar Free
Lo-Carb Monster Energy
Lost Five-O Energy Juice
Lost energy drink
MDX sugar free
Mad Croc
Mad Croc Energy Gum
Magic energy kick
Mc 2
Metro Mint Spearmint water
Mistic Berry RE
Mistic Citrus RE
Mona Vie Active energy drink
Monster Assault
Monster Energy Drink
Monster KHAOS Energy Juice
Mouth of the South High Energy Drink
NOS Energy Drink
Nexcite Energy Drink
No Fear Gold
Nuclear Waste Antidote SmartPower
Omega Energy
Orange County Choppers High Octane Fuel
Piranha Outrageous orange pineapple
Pollen Burst
Power Dream Sky High Chai
Power Dream Vanilla Blast
Power Horse Energy Drink
Power Trip Energy Drink
Propel Fitness Water Lemon
Purepower Shotz
RadioActive Energy
RadioActive Energy No Carb
Rally Energy Effervescent
Rawling R EX2 Citrus punch
Reanimator naranja
Red Jak Energy Drink
Red Rave
Red Rhinos
Redline Energy Rush
Reload Energy Drink
Resurrect Anti-Hangover Mixer
Rhino's Energy Drink
Rhinos Energy Gummies
Rip It Atomic Lime Wrecker Fuel
Rip It Energy Fuel - Power
Rip It Energy Fuel Atomic Pom
RockStar Energy Drink
Rockstar Energy Cola
Rockstar Juiced
Root Beer Riot
Rox Energy Drink
Rumba Energy Juice
Rush Energy Drink
Samurai Energy Original Green Tea
Samurai Energy Raspberry Green Tea
Screamin Energy Max Hit
Shakti energy drink
SilverBack Extreme Energy
SoBe Adrenaline Rush
SoBe Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free
SoBe Energy
SoBe Essential Energy Berry Pomegranate
SoBe Essential Energy Orange
SoBe No Fear
SoBe Supeman Super Power Energy Drink
Socko Energy
Soda Club Energy Drink
Source Burn Energy Drink
Speed Zone Energy Drink
Stacker 2 Stinger Pounding Punch
Stacker 2 Stinger Sinful Citrus
Starbucks Double Shot Espresso
Sum Poosie
Syzmo Energy
Tab Energy
Tampico Energy Drink Citrus
Tiger Balance
Tiger Shot
Tunnel Energy
Turn Left Energy Drink
TwinLab Energy Fuel
Twisted Chopper Energy Drink
Upshot Energy Shot Fruit
V&V Citrus premium energy drink
Vault Energy Drink
Venon Energy Drink
Von Dutch Energy Drink
WOW Rockin Raspberry
WheyUP Energy Drink
Who's Your Daddy Energy Drink
Who's Your Daddy Green Tea Energy Drink Citrus
Wild Bull
Wired X3000
XELR8 energy drink
XS Citrus Blast
XS Cranberry-Grape Blast
XS Electric Lemon Blast
XTZ Orange Rageous
XTZ X-Drinx Grape Grenade
Xtazy Energy Cranberry Blast
Xtazy Energy Lime Blast
Xtazy Energy Orange Blast
Xtazy Energy Sugar Free
Xtra Sharp Fruit Flavor
Xtreme Shock Grape
Xtreme Shock Mandarin Orange
Xyience xenergy clear
Xyience xenergy cran|razz
Zipfizz Berry
Zipfizz Liquid Shot Energy Drink

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